From our representative office in Nairobi, Rabobank is currently serving Sub-Saharan Africa with corporate banking products and solutions for Food & Agri businesses. Besides, we make impact on rural regions in Africa with the Rabo Foundation, Rabo Rural Fund and Rabo Partnerships.

Corporate Banking products and solutions offering

  • Active in: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Zambia, Mauritius, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Mozambique.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, Rabobank offers clients the following corporate banking products and solutions:

Corporate Lending
Our Corporate Lending department provides the financing you need to expand and develop your business. We offer long and short-term loans, overdrafts and revolving credit facilities designed to meet the specific funding requirements of your business.

Trade and Commodity Finance
Trade and Commodity Finance in Africa combines Rabobank’s extensive experience in financing agricultural, energy and metals products across the supply chain. With tailor made product solutions, covering all commodity sectors via our global Rabobank network, this division forms the basis of our support to all your international commodity finance needs.

Export Finance
Rabobank Export Finance finances the exports of capital goods and services, primarily to emerging countries. The relevant credit risks, mainly commercial and political risks, are covered by the government-backed Export Credit Agency (ECA) in the exporter’s home country.

Rabo Foundation

  • Active in: Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda.

Rabo Foundation is Rabobank’s social fund. The Foundation invests in the self-sufficiency of farmer organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America, by putting up finance and by sharing the cooperative, banking and agricultural expertise that the Rabobank Group has built up over many years. This helps organizations to achieve their goals of offering small-scale farmers access to financing, savings opportunities, knowledge and new markets. In addition, new technological developments can be deployed to help serve our target group – small-scale farmers – even more effectively.

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Rabo Rural Fund

  • Active in: Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Rabo Rural Fund is Rabobank’s impact lender. The Fund provides financing to farmer producer cooperatives and SMEs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Organizations that have outgrown grants, micro-credit and soft loans but do not qualify for a standard bank loan. The Rabo Rural Fund aims to close this funding gap by offering organizations and farmers access to finance, networks and knowledge.

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Rabo Partnerships

  • Active in: South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Congo, Egypt, Botswana, Nigeria, Liberia, Ethiopia.

Rabo Partnerships focusses on broadening the access to financial service. The main activities can be summarized by three main themes: financial inclusion, rural development and food security. We do this with advisory, consultancy and through our 10 partner banks across Africa.

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