Rabobank Paris was established in 1986 as a representative office. In 1991 it became a full branch of Rabobank International. During the intervening years it has grown to become a 20-person operation mainly focusing on the food and agribusiness (F&A) sector and on serving international corporate customers. It is also mindful of attractive opportunities in other markets as they evolve. France plays an important role in all of Rabobank's target sectors, in particular F&A since the country heads (Western) Europe in the grain production league.

Our stated mission is to support our clients in meeting their long term objectives by delivering high quality financial and non-financial products and solutions both in France and on foreign markets through our international network.

Products & solutions

We are constantly searching for products and solutions that provide added value to our customers, both existing and potential. We are most willing to help and support you.

The above list of products & solutions is based on local presence. Please note that a broader range of products & solutions are covered for your location via a regional approach. Click on the relevant product to see the contact details for more information.


International Desk for Dutch international business clients

The International Desk France, is dedicated to serve Dutch international business clients in France.


Rabobank Paris

Office Address 5, rue de La Baume
75008 Paris
Telephone +. 82.00