Rabobank Spain is a top wholesale bank in the Spanish food and agribusiness (F&A) market. Its strategy is centered on the customer, and on providing consistently high value in our products and services.

Two mutually reinforcing elements in this strategy are:

  • our continuing cultivation of knowledge and expertise in our target sectors and
  • our commitment to developing a long-term banker-client relationship.

Knowledge of our clients' markets, and a keen awareness of the associated risks and opportunities, means we can deliver unique and often tailor-made solutions for our clients' particular needs. And our emphasis on the relationship aspects of banking means that we operate with our customers' long-term goals uppermost in mind.

Rabobank Spain has developed into a recognised player in the highly specialised F&A field. It has a solid presence and broad customer base in such sectors as commercial trading, wine and other beverages, sugar, food retailing, and olive oil -- all key components of the Spanish F&A scene. By matching its own knowledge with the expertise available throughout Rabobank's broad global network, it can offer a full spectrum of products and services that directly support a client's requirements in corporate banking, corporate finance, and investment banking. Moreover, as an integral part of Rabobank International network, Rabobank Spain serves our group's domestic clients and member banks through a dedicated Dutch Desk, while retail services are organised through our strategic alliance partners in Spain.

At the outset of its Spanish presence, Rabobank served its clients through a strategic alliance with Banco Popular Español. Then, in 1993, after a four-year orientation, it reinforced its presence by taking a 50 % stake in the wholesale bank Popular Rabobank S.A., also specialised in F&A. Since the start of 1998, this joint venture was transferred into a full branch of Rabobank International. Operating out of Madrid, Rabobank Spain today offers a dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals in such diverse fields as syndication, initial public offerings (IPO's), structured finance, and mergers and acquisition (M&A) in every F&A sector.

Products & Services

Corporate Lending

  • Loans and deposits
  • Bid and Perf. Bonds  

Trade Finance

  • Trade related loans, guarantees, and L/Cs
  • Pre-export finance
  • Post-export finance

Corporate Finance

  • Consultancy services in share and bond issues
  • Strategic planning
  • Project finance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Corporate advisory services
  • Financial engineering
  • Off balance sheet finance
  • Capital markets activities
  • Institutional investors advisory services


  • Money transfer
  • (Discount of) bills related to business in the home country 

Financial Markets

  • Interbank deposits
  • Short-term loans to banks
  • Forex transactions (both spot and forward)
  • Swaps
  • Options
  • Futures
  • FRA's
  • Interest rate options
  • Equity
  • Bonds 

Private Banking

  • Deposits taken from private clients
  • Loans against pledged securities, etc

International Desk for Dutch international business clients

Rabobank opened its branch in Spain in 1989. The local team is part of the bank's global network. Desk Manager Gurvinder Chahal and his team can support you with their knowledge of the local market. The International Desk focuses specifically on services for Dutch businesses and provides support in Spanish, English and Dutch.


Rabobank International Spain

Office Address C/ Rafael Calvo 39, first floor
28010 Madrid
Telephone +.34.91.436.4010
Fax +.34.91.436.40.20