Partnership with KPN to make mobile payments available to a much larger group of Rabobank customers

Rabobank and KPN are joining forces to make mobile payment available to customers with a KPN subscription from this spring. They can download the Rabo Wallet from Google Play Store and then save a digital bank card on the new NFC SIM card from KPN. This allows customers to create a wallet in their telephone enabling them to pay at check-outs quickly and easily. The Rabo Wallet can also be used for customer cards, member passes and special offers.

The wider availability of the Rabo Wallet is a next step in the development of mobile payments for Rabobank. ‘Paying with your smartphone is the payment method of the future,’ says Elze Vonk, Head of Finance, Payments and Insurance at Rabobank. ‘Consumers want to do more and more with their smartphones; they would actually prefer to leave their wallets at home. This is possible with the Rabo Wallet. It is quick and easy, and just as safe as paying with a plastic bank card.’


Rabo Wallet 2016 
‘The Wallet is more than just a digital bank card. Customers can save customer cards, member passes and discount vouchers in it and receive special offers if they wish. They can also check their account balance and soon they will also be able to easily pay for parking. Payments are made directly from the current account, exactly the same as when using a bank card. This means customers can keep an eye on their account balance, which is important to Dutch consumers.’
 ‘Thanks to the partnership with KPN, Rabobank can make the Rabo Wallet available to a much larger group of customers. This is part of our ambition to make the Rabo Wallet available to as many customers as possible as soon as possible.’
NFC SIM card
With the NFC SIM card, virtually all telephones using Android 4.4 (or higher) will be able to use the Rabo Wallet to execute mobile transactions safely and conveniently. KPN has made an NFC SIM card available to new mobile subscribers since 1 January 2016. Other subscribers receive the SIM card on request or on normal renewal.
More than 80% of Dutch people have a smartphone, they carry it more or less all the time and they are continuously online. What’s more, more than a third of the ATMs in the Netherlands are already fitted with NFC technology and this number is growing.
Jasper Snijder, Director of New Business at KPN: ‘It is obvious that the smartphone is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives, also for practical applications such as payments and granting access. For those who want it, in time the smartphone could replace the contents of our wallets and even our keys. Convenience and safety are the leading considerations. KPN is responding to this trend with the new NFC SIM card and is consequently delighted to be able to offer together with Rabobank the convenience of safe and fast mobile payments using NFC technology to our shared customers.’
Rabobank has decided to introduce the Rabo Wallet to the market in phases. Smartphone technology is developing rapidly and Rabobank is following all these developments closely. The Rabo Wallet was made available previously for a series of Samsung phones in 2015.
For more customer information on the Rabo Wallet:
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Technical details for the Rabo Wallet on the KPN NFC SIM card

  • Suitable for NFC-ready Android telephones from version 4.4
  • Based on NFC technology
  • Developed by Giesecke & Devrient
  • SIM-card based
  • Identical to the Rabo Wallet for commonly used Samsung telephones (eSE based)
  • Available to customers aged 16 years and older
Possibilities with the Rabo Wallet
  • Payments
  • Checking account balance
  • Saving customer cards
  • Receiving special offers
  • Saving discounts from brochures and flyers
  • Saving member passes/subscriptions
  • Paying parking fees (from spring 2016)

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