Wout Dekker will not run for a further term as Chairman of Supervisory Board

Ron Teerlink, the current Vice Chairman, is successor

Wout Dekker will hand over the role of Chairman of the Supervisory Board to Ron Teerlink, who is currently Vice Chairman, at the Meeting of the General Members Council on 14 September 2016. Wout Dekker has served as Chairman for three years and will not run for another four-year term. He joined the Supervisory Board as a member in 2010, was reappointed in 2012 and then appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board in 2013.

The other members of the Supervisory Board have put forward Ron Teerlinkg (who joined the Supervisory Board in 2013) as the envisaged successor to Wout Dekker as Chairman. This decision is pending regulatory approval. The General Members Council committee on confidential matters has issued a positive recommendation that Ron Teerlink should succeed Wout Dekker as Chairman. Following the governance change at Rabobank from 1 January 2016, the General Member Council is the highest decision-making body.

Wout Dekker: “I look back with great satisfaction at a period in which Rabobank underwent major changes and during which we took weighty decisions on a healthy future for the bank. It was a great privilege to be able to serve for six years on the Supervisory Board, three of them as Chairman. My term of office runs until mid-September and this feels like the right time for me to step down. In the past few years I have worked closely with Ron Teerlink and I am sure that he will make an extremely capable Chairman of our Supervisory Board. Rabobank will benefit greatly from his considerable experience in international banking.”


Wiebe Draijer, Chairman of the Executive Board: “Rabobank owes Wout Dekker a great debt of gratitude. Major reforms have been introduced during his chairmanship, including the unanimous decision to change our cooperative governance in late 2015. The structure of our cooperative is now fit for purpose to meet the challenges ahead. We have also set out the strategic direction for the future.  Following recent new appointments, the Executive Board is a balanced and stable team ready to lead the bank forward. I have enjoyed an open and collaborative relationship with Wout Dekker and he will be sorely missed as a colleague. At the same time I am looking forward to working with Ron Teerlink, who I have come to know as an extremely capable and experienced supervisor.”

Ron Teerlink: “I am looking forward to taking over the chairmanship from Wout Dekker. During a turbulent period for Rabobank he was an inspiring and committed Chairman of the Supervisory Board. The bank is undergoing a major transition and I am very keen to play a role in ensuring its success in the coming years.”

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