Rabobank Annual Report and Annual Review 2015

A strong bank makes the difference for people, the environment and society

Rabobank is publishing, as it does every year, a detailed annual report in which it renders accountability for the bank's financial and social impact. This year it is also publishing a compact annual review that is more accessible to a broader audience. Both publications are available online and together they provide insight into Rabobank’s financial performance and significance for people, the environment and society.

Rabobank took major steps in 2015 towards realising a better cooperative bank that has broad social impact. The fact that the bank makes the difference is revealed in its concrete contribution to bringing about welfare and prosperity in the Netherlands and promoting a sustainable global food supply and the way in which we are working towards achieving a sustainable Rabobank. In more concrete terms, our focus is on helping customers get ahead, strengthening the economy and society and helping produce more food with fewer resources.

Sound basis

Financial solidity is an important precondition for being able to gain our share in sustainable development for customers and society. The 2015 results illustrate the bank's financial strength and solidity, with improved returns, solvency and liquidity. The credit ratings remained at a high level. The bank succeeded in improving customer service and invested extensively in innovation. Customers are giving Rabobank's online services an increasingly better score and are also more positive about the advisers. While there was a rise in customer satisfaction in 2015, it is still not at the level to which we aspire.

Meaningful impact

In line with its mission, Rabobank promotes welfare and prosperity in the Netherlands by increasing businesses' earning capacity. It has done this through 88 billion euros in lending in trade, industry and services and 35 billion euros in lending in Food & Agri in the Netherlands. The local Rabobanks collectively provide more than 40 million euros in new business loans in the Netherlands every day anew. Rabobank's Dutch mortgage portfolio amounted to 202 billion euros at year-end 2015. The bank held 117 billion in private savings. Rabobank has given back part of the profit in 2015 to Dutch society by investing in local initiatives aimed at enhancing liveability, economic vitality or sustainability. This cooperative dividend amounted to 62.2 million euros. Rabobank was involved in the establishment of 710 cooperatives within which people work together in fields relating to energy supply, healthcare and entrepreneurial initiatives.

Rabobank’s contribution to feeding the world sustainably is reflected in part by its global financing in Food & Agri totalling 98 billion euros. More than two million small farmers in Africa, Asia and South America have a future thanks to access to financing, knowledge and networks provided through Rabobank Foundation and Rabo Development. Rabobank supports the entire chain from farmer to plate. This is illustrated by the fact that 17 of the top 20 dairy companies and 18 of the top 25 beverage producers utilise our services, knowledge and networks.

Impact on society
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Integrated reporting

Rabobank is introducing integrated reporting with the publication of this annual report. This means we both render financial account and provide clear insight into Rabobank's significance for people, the environment and society.

Also, the Annual Accounts 2015 and the ' Capital Adequacy and Risk Management Report 2015' are included in the report. Rabobank will consequently from now on publish an integrated annual report and an annual review. Both are available on the links below.

Rabobank is presenting the value creation model in the annual review. This model shows activities and investments and the value they create for people, the environment and society. The annual report is intended for investors, rating agencies, analysts, regulators, civil society organisations and NGOs. It is a clickable PDF that provides a detailed overview of the financial results and other information that we are legally required to report.

The annual review provides a summary of the results the bank achieved in 2015. It also shows the added value Rabobank generates for the people, the environment and society. The annual review is a website containing informative articles and real-life stories, photos, infographics, animations and videos.



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