Rabo Envision Tribe established for repositioning Rabobank

One question. Two finalists. Three winners.

Rabobank is, together with the Planet Bank and DoenDenkers creative coalitions, forming the Rabo Envision Tribe. Professionals from all three partners will collaborate within this tribe. Rabobank announced in early April a creative contest for the opportunity to reintroduce Rabobank to society worldwide. The basic premise was that the idea had to be disruptive and distinctive. An internal jury and a so-called lay jury both selected the two finalists.

Planet Bank is a coalition comprising Havas Lemz, Justdiggit, Wageningen University and Universal Music Group. The DoenDenkers coalition consists of Ogilvy & Mather, Blazhoffski, Styn Claessens, Capitola and Jacques Koewijden & Paul Postma. A total of 198 coalitions took part in the contest. 
Leendert Bikker, Director of Communications at Rabobank: ‘This innovative concept of creative collaboration is based on the belief that managing and activating the Rabobank brand is a core competence of the organisation itself. Rabobank organises creativity in-house, close to the business and with the expertise from the different special fields of communications and marketing united within one team. The aim of this is to be able to communicate faster and with greater impact. The newly established tribe forms a unique mix of competences in the areas of reputation, communications, branding and activation. This set-up enables us to bring out the best in each other and to learn from one another. Rabobank is a meaningful brand that belongs to society. This concept fits in with this and contributes to our mission and strategy.’ The first work of the Rabo Envision Tribe is expected to be presented in October. 
Willem van der Schoot, CEO Havas Lemz, of Planet Bank: ‘Pooled international strength is needed in order to translate Rabobank’s pronounced ambitions into a razor-sharp positioning and a high-impact movement. Forming the tribe provides the opportunity to really make the difference together and to be even more meaningful for society.
Edgar Molenaars, CEO of Ogilvy & Mather, adds on behalf of DoenDenkers: ‘The innovative nature of the collaboration adds an extra dimension. It’s great to join forces to shape innovation, which is to everyone’s benefit. We’re convinced this is completely in keeping with the spirit of the cooperative Rabobank. A strong commitment has been made for the coming years and so we’re very much looking forward to the future.’

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