The Rabo Impact Loan is expanding

300 million for a sustainable, circular economy and vital communities

The demand for the Rabo Impact Loan remains high. As a consequence, there is a follow-up loan with discounted interest for companies having a positive impact. Rabobank has received available funding from the European Investment Bank (EIB) for a third tranche of 200 million euros. Furthermore, the bank, together with the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB), is introducing the Rabo Impact Loan for Healthcare and Education for a total amount of 100 million euros for primary care and primary and secondary education, two sectors that are essential for the preservation of vital communities in the Netherlands.

Since the start of the Rabo Impact Loan at the end of 2015, many different sustainable leaders have invested in the future of their company. They are active in various sectors and projects, and they also contribute to sustainable development and vital communities. The first two tranches,  totalling 150 million euros from the European Investment Bank (EIB), have been completely used up by 140 SMEs and mid-cap companies. With the third tranche of 200 million euros, it’s expected that another 200 SMEs and mid-cap companies will be able to take a further step towards a sustainable and circular economy.

Bas Rüter, Director of Sustainability at Rabobank: ‘It’s wonderful to experience the great enthusiasm for investment with impact. While sustainability is still seen as optional at the moment, we would like for it to become commonplace for everyone in the coming years. A way of life, so to speak. That’s the focus of our sustainability agenda. A sustainable economy is not only positive for humanity, the environment and society, but also provides ‘profit’ for companies themselves.’

Liveable and vital communities

The new Rabo Impact Loan for Healthcare and Education is focused on two sectors that have great social value in the Netherlands. ‘Thanks to the partnership with CEB, we are going to strengthen organisations with a social impact in primary care and primary and secondary education,’ says Bas Rüter. ‘We are launching the Rabo Impact Loan for Healthcare and Education for them. There is a tranche of 100 million available, and we expect to be able to finance more than 100 projects with that. Customers can receive an interest rate discount of up to 0.80%.’

Holger Seifert, Country Manager Benelux CEB, adds: ‘We are convinced that the access to financing for micro, small, and medium sized enterprises and the encouragement of social and sustainable entrepreneurship is important. After all, entrepreneurship is a crucial driver for economic growth and job creation in the Netherlands. In addition, it can be a very efficient vehicle for providing social services that are tailored to local needs. We are entering into cooperation with the Rabobank to realize concrete improvements at social and sustainable level in healthcare and education.’

Healthcare centre of the future

The first Rabo Impact Loan for Healthcare and Education was provided to Roden Healthcare Centre. Aeijolt Keuning, Director of the BCN Group: ‘The impact loan will help us to realise a sustainably constructed healthcare centre. Demand for healthcare in the Netherlands is changing dramatically, and the country’s healthcare expenses are among the highest in Europe. Nothing less than a complete overhaul is needed to address these challenges, including the integration of primary care services under a single roof in local health centres, which will promote collaboration and improve both the quality of care and patient convenience. An all-new health services centre, which will become operational in Roden in 2018, is currently being developed with these needs in mind.’

Sustainable enterprise is the future

‘The power of this loan is that it’s a very concrete stimulus and support for conscious Dutch SMEs,’ explains EIB Vice President Pim van Ballekom. ‘The EIB and Rabobank are on the same wavelength with respect to what we call “climate action”, through which we want to limit climate change and encourage adjustments that reduce its impact. With each investment we look at the additional effects, not only on the economic level, but also in the sense of social, human and environmental impact. The continuation of the impact loan is a clear signal that sustainable enterprise is the future.’

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