Overwhelming response to our call for creativity

Envision you have the chance to reintroduce Rabobank to the Netherlands. To the world. Well now you have that chance.

No less than 198 coalitions have responded to our call for creative concepts. These coalitions exhibited inspiration, imagination and used surprising creative angles.

Leendert Bikker: ‘Coalitions from all over the Netherlands and some from other countries responded to our call. I have been truly impressed by the extensive commitment to Rabobank’s mission. It’s wonderful to see that so many different creative coalitions passionately want to dedicate themselves to increasing welfare and prosperity in the Netherlands and Banking for Food. Our call for creative concepts signalled the start of our quest for distinctive coalitions and we’re extremely pleased with the vast variety of submissions we have received. That is why we will get to work with the selected coalitions as soon as possible.’

Dorkas Koenen: ‘Due to the high quality of the submissions we have selected five coalitions and decided to give away two wild cards. So seven coalitions will now move forward to the next phase. When making the selection we looked for unconventional and distinctive coalitions that introduced an inspiring angle and motivation for responding to our call for creative concepts. We also took into consideration whether the coalition had international potential and if the submission was feasible into account when making our decision.’

Based on our criteria, we selected the following five coalitions and two wildcards:

  • Culturing earth comprimised of: Thonik, MVRVD, Makkink&Bey, Ine&Sanne
  • DoenDenkers comprised of: Ogilvy&Social.Lab Amsterdam, Blazhoffski, Paul Postma, Styn Claessens, Ester Gould & Sarah Sylbing and Silke Tijkotte (Flora Holland)
  • Het Kartel compromised of: Top Notch records, SPEC artist management, This that+the other and CCCP
  • Planet bank compromised of: Dennis Karpes (Justdiggit), Ronald Hutjes (Alterra), Willem van der Schoot (Havas Lemz) and Yannick Bolloré (Havas Group)
  • Coalitie &Samhoud compromised of: &Samhoud Consultancy, &Samhoud Media, &Samhoud Places, &Ranj, The Virtual Reality Cinema, Stakeholderwatch, RTL, het Balletorkest & Pool.
  • Wildcard: The world is our canvas: a coalition of storytellers
  • Wildcard: Open minds for Rabobank: a coalition compromised of a Behaviour change group, Open Now, Young Talent Rabobank, Board of experienced minds

The next phase

All seven coalitions will be given a live briefing on Rabobank’s positioning and the business challenges that they must address on Friday 21st April. The seven coalitions will present their plans on 11th May. At that time Rabobank and an external jury will select the two coalitions that will have the opportunity to move forward to the next phase of the collaboration. These two concepts will subsequently be tested in the market and among customers. The definitive and final presentations will be made on 23rd May. On 29th May the final decision will be made by the Executive Board.


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