Rabobank: World Pork Trade Is Becoming Increasingly Complex and Competitive

Global pork trade will continue to grow, become more complicated and experience more competition, as can be seen in Rabobank’s World Pork Map 2018.

Rabobank's World Pork Map shows global pork production and consumption, and the extent of the largest pork trade flows around the world. “Global pork trade flows continue to change, both for exporting countries and destination countries,” says Jan Peter van Ferneij, Rabobank Senior Animal Protein Analyst. “And the pork products being traded also continue to adapt to the changing demand.”

The largest exporters – the EU, US, Canada, and Brazil – are increasingly competing in the same markets.

China has become the most important destination for pork and by-products. Other Asian destinations have also increased their demand for imports. These destinations are buying an ever broader range of products, from low-value products such as by-products to products with high added value.

Russia has almost disappeared as an importing country since 2014, and in future could start competing in world markets as an exporter.

Find here the Global Pork Map 2018
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