Aegon and Rabobank online identification making life even easier for Dutch customers

Legally required identification by post for Aegon customer soon a thing of the past

Aegon and Rabobank are taking the next steps in their collaboration in the area of online identification in the Netherlands. Following a year of trialing the MijnAegon system, Aegon is also making the identification process, which is legally required for mortgages and life insurance policies, available online via Rabo eBusiness instead of by post. Customers of Dutch banks and agents will now be able to arrange their insurance quickly and easily at the click of a button.

'Aegon is well on the way to becoming an established online service provider. And so we want to be able to offer our customers the option to access and view their accounts online, together with their financial advisor if required. At the same time, it is also important that products and personal data have watertight protection from unauthorized access. We must be absolutely sure who is logging in. By using iDIN we can meet both requirements of speed and reliability,' says Ingrid de Graaf of the Aegon Nederland management board.

The benefits at a glance

Today, customers expect to be able to register with their insurer immediately online at the click of a button. Rabobank is the first bank to help insurers establish that the person attempting to log in is actually that person. This is done via online identification through Rabo eBusiness and iDIN. Previously customers were still receiving letters with the access codes they needed to register with MijnAegon for the first time. Now the customer can log in straight away via Rabo eBusiness.

  • It now takes just 30 seconds to register for MijnAegon instead of 4 days waiting for a letter with access code.
  • Online authentication via Rabo eBusiness and iDIN is extra secure, fast and identifiable.
  • It saves 160,000 letters a year, equivalent to 2400 kilos of paper. Online authentication is more sustainable.
  • Direct costs of 100,000 euros have been saved in one year.
  • For independent advisors, online authentication saves a lot of administrative work and risks. The entire process is done securely and fast online, freeing up time for the advisor to focus on giving solid advice.

Nico Strauss, for Rabobank: 'You can do more and more online and customers have come to expect that too. For Aegon and Rabobank it is extremely important that we offer our customers a 100% secure environment, which cannot be accessed by just anyone. Online identification via Rabo eBusiness is the key. It saves paperwork with access codes that can get lost. And it's also easy and quick to use. In just 30 seconds you can confirm your identity and then register. That is what the customer wants today and that is what Aegon and Rabobank now offer.'

For insurers and other service providers, more specifically it means fewer customers dropping out, stopping because it becomes too complicated and time-consuming. And also lower costs, because nothing needs to be sent by paper and post any more.

Rabo eBusiness works together with the well-known Scandinavian company Signicat. Rabobank has worked with this company to develop what is known as a white-label platform that complies with the most stringent security and privacy requirements, such as the GDPR. Together with Aegon, Rabobank is taking concrete steps to store and secure the online identity of Dutch consumers. The solution is available to all consumers and you don't need to be a Rabobank customer to use it.

Published: 29 May 2019, 15:00 CET


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