Food security concerns us all. Food and agriculture value chains will have to produce more food with less inputs. Banking for Food is Rabobank’s vision on global food security and the role of the bank: produce more food sustainably with our clients.

This page is a hub where content is brought together for journalists to share our latest news and knowledge, and to offer background information and materials on what is happening in the food and agri arena worldwide.

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  • Rabobank: food needs to be healthier

    Food has a great impact on the health and vitality of people. Therefore, Rabobank has taken the initiative to form a coalition with a number of strategic partners, namely from the food industry, retail and care sector.

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  • Who has a share in achieving a better food supply?

    In order to provide the world with more food sustainably, farms will have to produce more using fewer raw materials. Rabobank Executive Board Member Berry Marttin shares his vision.

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  • New marketplace to empower poor farming families

    Uncertainty about the market prices of crops such as corn and beans is keeping destitute farmers from growing their businesses. The United Nations World Food Programme is about to change all that.

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The coffee supply chain – from berry to espresso

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The cocoa supply chain – from bean to bonbon

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The rice supply chain – from water plant to world food staple

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Agri commoditiy markets global outlook 2016

As 2016 draws near, the food & agribusiness sector must prepare to weather the ‘new normal’ of prices. According to the Rabobank Agri Commodity Outlook 2016, the years ahead will present both opportunities and challenges for primary producers, processors, traders and retailers.

10 big ideas to feed the world

In the next decades, global population will increase to over 9 billion people and fewer resources will be available. To demonstrate both what is needed and what is possible for food and agribusiness, Rabobank has developed 10 big ideas that could materially boost global food availability and improve food access over the next decade.


Banking for Food facts and figures

Rabobank aims to support and facilitate entrepreneurs in the food and agri value chain in meeting the increasing demand for food, now and in the future. We provide access to finance, knowledge and networks to our clients and their communities. Find here the facts and figures. Food and agri was, is and always will be at the heart of the Rabobank strategy.

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More data, more food

Everyone in the food and agri chain, from farmer to consumer, would benefit from embracing the opportunities provided by technology, data and new algorithms.

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Waste of food, money and carbon

Rabobank has joined the global initiative to reduce food waste. What would make a bank, of all things, want to address this problem?

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African agriculture needs young farmers and strong cooperatives

The Rabobank Foundation supports small African farms in establishing cooperatives to strengthen the position of the farmers.

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