Finance my business

These products & advisory solutions help you to finance your assets, improve your financing structure, manage your working capital and generally optimise your supply chain.

  • Acquisition Finance
    We facilitate the structuring, execution and management of the financing for an acquisition and a (management) buyout.
  • Corporate Lending
    We offer long and short-term loans, overdrafts and revolving credit facilities. 
  • Debt Capital Markets
    We facilitate fund raising through bond issues, syndicated loans and private placements. 
  • Export Finance
    We provide financing for the export of capital goods and services covered by Export Credit Agencies or private insurers.
  • Project Finance
    We provide advice on, structure and finance complex renewable energy and infrastructure projects.
  • Private Equity
    We provide you with any form of equity through our range of specialised labels, predominantly SMEs. 
  • Lease
    We help you to finance your assets using flexible lease options.
  • Structured Finance
    We arrange and participate in risk bearing capital solutions, structured supply chain solutions and tailor-made, structured finance solutions, combining our legal, fiscal, accounting and financial expertise. 
  • Supplier Finance
    We give you the opportunity to offer your suppliers an alternative source of financing, which in turn helps them in their cash flow planning.
  • Receivables Finance
    We can help you to optimise the financing and collection of your receivables.
  • Trade and Commodity Finance
    We can finance your trade flows and inventories (agricultural commodities, as well as energy and metals). We offer global coverage of trading companies.
  • Inventory Finance
    We provide you with inventory management tools and related financing solutions.

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