I am looking for advice in a specific industry or economy

Market intelligence is of utmost importance to make the right (strategic) choices. We provide a broad range of advisory and information services to our clients around the world, from the latest global economic trends to specialised (Food & Agri) sector research. Our Rabobank research team is here to share our insights.

  • RaboResearch - Economic Research
    RaboResearch – Economic Research is Rabobank’s economic thinktank. Two specialised research teams track, analyse and forecast economic developments in the Netherlands and around the world.
  • Financial Markets Research
    The FMR team aims to provide wholesale clients with sufficient access to meaningful information and analysis to help with their risk management and investment decisions.
  • Food & Agribusiness Research
    Our 90 Food & Agribusiness research analysts work in local teams, across the worldwide Rabobank network, to provide our clients with tailored, indispensable research and news on the latest market developments. Anything from Dutch dairy to Asian grains.
  • Global F&A Bankers
    Our Global F&A Sector Banking team provides Wholesale clients with specific F&A sector knowledge and access to the bank’s full range of products and services.
  • Financial Institution bankers
    The Financial Institutions Group (FIG) is responsible for relationship management with financial institutions from across the globe.
  • Rabo Real Estate Finance
    Rabo Real Estate Finance supports real estate clients and projects in the Netherlands with expertise and funding.

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