Rabobank provides funding to real estate clients and projects, large and small, in the Netherlands. As a partner, Rabo Real Estate Finance facilitates your business activities in future-proof commercial real estate. We help you realise your real estate ambitions and make a healthy performance.

Ambitions Rabo Real Estate Finance

By making social themes open to discussion and supporting real estate entrepreneurs and projects via knowledge, networks and financing solutions, we implement Rabobank's mission: Growing a better world together. We do this for large and small companies, throughout the Netherlands. Rabo Real Estate Finance has formulated three goals:

1. 100% green portfolio within 10 years
Rabobank is aiming for a complete sustainable portfolio in commercial real estate within ten years. We want to realize this by 2028 at the latest. We not only look at energy, but also at circularity, vitality for the local environment and exploitation. Via www.raboduurzaamvastgoed.nl customers receive insight (for free) into the sustainability of their portfolio and measures that they can take to increase that. We finance sustainability measures up to 100% and we offer customers more interest benefits as their portfolio becomes more sustainable.

2. Realize 20,000 homes through transformation or re-use
Until 2023, Rabobank will be able to finance 20,000 homes by giving a new life to at least 1.5 million square meters of real estate through transformation or re-use. In doing so, we reduce vacancy, waste and unnecessary damage to existing natural areas. We are intensifying our policy. In the period 2010 - 2017, Rabobank granted a new use of 2 million square meters of real estate via financing.

A good example of transformation is Cityside Apartments. They convert offices into homes, in line with the wishes of starters and young professionals.

3. 60% of financing outside the four major cities
We aim to finance at least 60% of our business real estate outside the four major cities. We do not exclude regions in the Netherlands in advance: we believe that attractive locations are everywhere.

The former monastery in Berkel Enschot was transformed by De Roozen van Hoppen Groep into a multifunctional center where young and old live together.


Interested in one of these topics? Please contact Roel van de Bilt, director Rabo Real Estate Finance or Gwen van Rijswijk, Team Head Real Estate Finance & Construction, Large Corporates, within Wholesale Netherlands & Africa.