Systematic Internaliser

Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A. acts in the capacity of a Systematic Internaliser for all bonds and Stuctured Finance Products financial instruments traded per January 3rd, 2018. From February 19th, Rabobank will also act as SI for all Foreign Exchange Derivatives and Interest Rate Derivatives (please also see the added schema below). This implies Rabobank will publish applicable quotes through its APA as they may have been provided to you as our client or counterparty, as part of the pre-trade transparency framework under MiFID II. Our selected APA is Bloomberg. Equally, please note that our status of a Systematic Internaliser implies that the bank will be publishing trade reports through the Deutsche Börse APA as of January 3rd, 2018, again, where applicable and subject to the relevant deferrals and decision logic. Such publications form part of the applicable obligations under the post-trade transparency framework under MiFID II.

Access to the quotes published under pre-trade transparency obligations is based on enablement. Interested parties may contact us via the following email address: MiFID SI Quote Access for identification, please use “Request Quote Access” as header of the email. The data provided to us will be shared with Bloomberg.

Bloomberg will commission a dedicated ‘point to point’ FIX 5.0 session for each individual feed type as requested and provide the necessary specification documents to the consumer. Bloomberg expects all consumers to have or source the required technical resources to establish connectivity, understand and interpret the FIX protocol based on the specifications provided.

Bloomberg will appoint a dedicated onboarding specialist to help the consumer establish the required connectivity; ensure the necessary entitlements are in place and that the associated FIX messages are sent and acknowledged by the consuming application(s) as expected.

Rabobank’s activities as an SI are subject to the SI Commercial Policy as updated from time to time. The most up to date version of this document may be found here:

Will Rabobank offer Assisted Reporting?

In respect of all post-trade transparency reporting obligations, Rabobank can provide assisted reporting for trades between Rabobank and its counterparties for those asset classes in which Rabobank is not an SI. We will offer the assisted reporting only in combination with our selected post-trade transparency APA (Deutsche Boerse). We do not offer assisted reporting for transaction reporting. Please reach out to your regular sales contact in case you wish to use this service.

Will client orders be executed only against own book?

No, client orders may also be executed on trading venues (regulated markets, OTF or MTF).

Asset Classes in which Rabobank acts as Systematic Internaliser