Receivables Finance offers tailored solutions to accelerate the cash conversion cycle in your receivables portfolio (short or long-term), to offer portfolio/exposure management for customer concentrations, and to enable non-recourse or limited recourse financings/purchases. Such a programme enables your company to accelerate its access to the capital required to fuel the growth of your business.

Rabobank offers a range of solutions to organise the financing or purchase of receivables. We base our solutions on your specific business characteristics and international footprint, whether your company has a concentrated customer base or thousands of debtors/customers. Our product suite includes individual receivables monetisation, factoring type solutions, receivables portfolio-based financing and securitisations. Our facilities offer access to funding via Rabobank’s balance sheet or through the capital markets via an asset-backed commercial paper programme that is sponsored and backstopped by Rabobank.

Rabobank is an innovative market leader in receivables finance globally. Our team of professionals have been in the market for over 20 years and operates from Utrecht, London, Frankfurt, Dublin, New York, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mumbai. Based on our global presence, we have a wealth of experience in structuring everything from simple one jurisdiction facilities to innovative cross-border solutions. Given our experience, global presence and knowledge of our industry, our customers can expect ‘best in class’ solutions all over the world.

The benefits of Receivables Finance most valued by our customers are:

  • Form of committed funding or uncommitted funding at attractive margins (based on the credit quality of the asset portfolio)
  • Flexible form of working capital or source of capex funds that can grow with sales and acquisitions and accommodates seasonal swings and commodity price fluctuations.  
  • Once in place, our customers typically view Receivables Finance as a  highly-valued and permanent form of funding and a key component of their capital structure.


Mark O’Keefe
Global Head of Asset Based Finance