Putting a Supplier Finance programme in place enables you to offer your suppliers an alternative and competitive source of financing. Supplier Finance is a partnership involving you, your suppliers and Rabobank. Such a programme enables you to offer your suppliers the opportunity to receive an earlier payment than the contractually agreed payment from Rabobank that is financed at a discount. This discount is typically lower than their cost of capital and is based on the credit profile of your company and the remaining days in the payment term.

When the invoice matures, you would then pay the full invoice amount to Rabobank at no further cost. For the supplier, this means prompt payment and a relatively lower cost of capital, without any negative impact on your own working capital. Supplier Finance provides you with the opportunity to strengthen the relationship with your suppliers and ensures security in your supply chain.

Connect to the web platform
Rabobank’s Supplier Finance programme offers a fully-automated web platform with no manual document handling. By connecting the platform to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, such a programme:

  • reduces the administrative burden on your treasury staff,
  • gives full transparency to all parties checking invoice and payment status,
  • helps you and the supplier in cash flow planning, as it is the supplier who determines which invoice will be paid and when. You have the benefit of being able to provide quick reimbursement to your suppliers while maintaining your payment terms.


Marius van Koeveringe
Head of Supplier Finance NL&A

+31 30 71 23403