Are you looking to expand your business, either nationally or internationally? We can provide the financing you need to expand and develop your business both in the Dutch market and internationally. We offer long and short-term loans, overdrafts and revolving credit facilities designed to meet the specific funding requirements of your business. Our global client base currently consists of approximately 1,600 clients that are typically leaders in their respective sectors and/or have a strong international focus.

We offer our corporate lending products out of 22 countries worldwide. We arrange and underwrite our own transactions and participate in transactions led by other banks. We facilitate the structuring, execution and management of working capital, growth capital and event-driven financing.

Our approach is driven entirely by our sector knowledge, so we can provide you the optimal solutions in the context of your business requirements. In the Netherlands, we serve a broad range of sectors, including Industrial, Retail/Wholesale, Automotive, Building & Construction, Media/Telecom, Utilities, Real Estate Finance and F&A. On an international level, we focus on the F&A sector, including various sub sectors such as Animal Protein, Beverages, Consumer Food, Dairy, Farm Inputs, Grains, Oilseeds & Sugar, Supply Chain & Dairy.

Our market leadership position in The Netherlands and our global footprint and roots as an F&A bank put us in a very distinctive position to provide our clients with in-depth knowledge, market insight and unique ideas. On the basis of  additional expertise of other Rabobank departments such as Capital Markets, Mergers & Acquisitions, Structured Finance, Asset Backed Financing, Trade and Commodity Finance, Financial Logistics and our intensive teamwork with those departments, we can provide you with a full-service financing solution. 


Joep van der Heiden
Global Head Loan Products Group

Willem Frederik Zetteler
Head Loan Products Group NL