Wholesale banking

Rabobank’s wholesale/corporate banking division serves Dutch and international large corporates, commodity traders, private equity firms and financial institutions. We serve all sectors in the Netherlands and we are a worldwide leader in Food & Agri banking. With our Wholesale Banking activities we also contribute to sustainable welfare and prosperity in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. If we really believe in something, we go the extra mile where other investment banks quit. This is why we call it 'Wholesale banking for better'.

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We support both pillars of the Rabobank strategy:

  • Through Banking for the Netherlands, we contribute to sustainable welfare and prosperity in the Netherlands, in close cooperation with the Local Banks. 
  • Through Banking for Food, we contribute to feeding the world more sustainably, in close cooperation with our international Rural banking operations. 

Given our strong presence across all continents, we are perfectly positioned to serve the entire F&A value chain worldwide and to facilitate the international activities of our Dutch clients. Effectively, there is no other bank that is active internationally in all the major food-producing and consuming regions worldwide.

We see long-term and sustainable relationships with our clients as the heart of our business and our aim is to be the world’s most customer-centric bank. We support our clients by providing access to finance, our wide-ranging knowledge and expertise, plus our extensive worldwide network, through an array of sophisticated banking products and services. In other words, we provide our clients with the insights – and financial products - to understand, anticipate and respond to trends and opportunities in their markets, focus on their core business and achieve their growth ambitions.

Products & solutions:

Expand my business

These products & advisory solutions help you to explore your strategic (growth) options by providing advice on mergers & acquisitions and capital structure, both on debt and equity sides.

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  • Acquisition Finance
    We help you to structure, execute and manage the financing for an acquisition and a (management) buyout.
  • Capital Structuring
    We provide independent advice on your capital structure, on both debt and equity sides.
  • Factoring
    Factoring can help you to unlock the value in your trade receivables and inventory, enhancing your cash flow and optimizing the leverage in your balance sheet.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    We advise you on buy-side, sell-side and other strategic M&A transactions.
  • Equity Capital Markets
    We advise you on your equity strategy and together with partner Kepler Cheuvreux take care of the execution.
  • Corporate Lending
    We offer long and short-term loans, overdrafts and revolving credit facilities.
  • Debt Capital Markets
    We support acquisitions by structuring and providing bridge loans to cover immediate financing needs.

Finance my business

These products & advisory solutions help you to finance your assets, improve your financing structure, manage your working capital and generally optimise your supply chain.

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  • Asset Based Finance
    Asset Based Finance offers flexible working capital solutions for receivables and payables.
  • Acquisition Finance
    We facilitate the structuring, execution and management of the financing for an acquisition and a (management) buyout.
  • Corporate Lending
    We offer long and short-term loans, overdrafts and revolving credit facilities. 
  • Debt Capital Markets
    We facilitate fund raising through bond issues, syndicated loans and private placements. 
  • Export Finance
    We provide financing for the export of capital goods and services covered by Export Credit Agencies or private insurers.
  • Project Finance
    We provide advice on, structure and finance complex renewable energy and infrastructure projects.
  • Private Equity
    We provide you with any form of equity through our range of specialised labels, predominantly SMEs. 
  • Leasing
    We help you to finance your assets using flexible lease options.
  • Structured Finance
    We arrange and participate in risk bearing capital solutions, structured supply chain solutions and tailor-made, structured finance solutions, combining our legal, fiscal, accounting and financial expertise. 
  • Supplier Finance
    We give you the opportunity to offer your suppliers an alternative source of financing, which in turn helps them in their cash flow planning.
  • Receivables Finance
    We can help you to optimise the financing and collection of your receivables.
  • Trade and Commodity Finance
    We can finance your trade flows and inventories (agricultural commodities, as well as energy and metals). We offer global coverage of trading companies.
  • Inventory Finance
    We provide you with inventory management tools and related financing solutions.

Manage my risks

These products & advisory solutions help you to manage your financial risks.

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Manage my trade and cash flows

These products & advisory solutions help you to manage and monitor your trade and cash flows effectively and efficiently.

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  • Rabo Business Banking
    The digital dashboard provides you with 24/7 insight into your financial position.
  • Cash Management
    We provide you with payments and receivables management tools  and liquidity management, including a range of  domestic and cross-border cash pooling solutions.  
  • Trade Solutions
    We can help you to improve the management of your international supply chains with a full range of integrated cross-border solutions, in addition to Trade and Commodity Finance.