Securing growth for your business and achieving ambitious targets often requires investments in equipment. At the same time, you prefer to keep your cash available to strengthen your increasing working capital needs. This is where leasing can work to your advantage as a true financing option. We can customise a lease to fit your business, in an on balance or off balance structure, offering you a flexible credit facility to secure 100% of your investments, while matching the economic lifetime of the asset.

It is all about finding the right financing structure for your CAPEX requirements, whether it is for second-hand, new or completely innovative equipment. We can help you both in the Netherlands and abroad. We also offer options such as sale and lease-back structures, which is a very effective way of freeing up cash from existing assets in the event of mergers, acquisitions or buy-in and buy-out situations. We tailor customised solutions that meet your specific requirements at any given moment in your company’s journey. Leasing is often just one component in any total finance solution for your business. Leasing is complementary to other finance solutions and is easily embedded in your current finance structure.

About Rabo Lease

Specialising in leasing, Rabo Lease is the department that provides you with the best customised financing solution for your current and future CAPEX requirements, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Our clients are typically active sectors such as transportation, industry, agriculture, food, healthcare, construction and automotive.


Danny Hijdra
Vice president Large Accounts Rabo Lease