Rabo Fund Management offers investment solutions to institutional investors in Dutch residential mortgages. The investment team consists of highly skilled financial professionals combining deep knowledge of the Dutch mortgages market with an investor dedicated mind-set.

Rabo Fund Management offers investment solutions for institutional investors seeking to invest in Dutch residential mortgages originated by Vista Hypotheken, a Rabobank label that focusses predominantly on providing longer fixed rate mortgages. With a mortgage label dedicated to originate new mortgages on behalf of external investors, Rabo Fund Management manages mortgage portfolios taking into account LTV and maturity targets, yield requirements and ramping objectives. Rabo Fund Management offers a dedicated investment team, thorough knowledge of the Dutch mortgage market, awareness of varying investment regimes and is committed to realising client-specific objectives.

Vista Hypotheken has a strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) profile, including the offering of a carbon footprint reducing mortgage, providing investors with an additional dimension to achieve their sustainability development goals. Product development and underwriting standards of Vista Hypotheken are managed under full supervision of Rabobank and at all times adhere to the compliance, legal and risk framework of Rabobank. Rabo Fund Management and Vista Hypotheken are part of Rabobank.


Hikmet Sevdican
Managing Director Rabo Fund Management