The Trade and Commodity Finance business unit combines Rabobank’s long-term expertise in agricultural commodities, energy and metals finance. Our aim is to be your one-stop trade flow solution provider. In-depth product knowledge, embedded in a global branch network, forms the basis of our professional support for all your international trade finance transactions. We can customise a range of specialised products to suit your company’s specific needs.

The world’s population is growing at an unprecedented rate. The demands of consumers worldwide are increasing at a similar rate, but production possibilities vary by country and continent. The traditional relationships between producer and consumer countries are changing. Resources must be handled smartly to ensure the earth can continue to meet growing consumer needs and global prosperity continues to increase. This is where commodity traders step in with the help of Rabobank; because without global financing there is no trade. Trade finance facilitates that required commodities reach consumers around the world.

International commodity traders face more challenges than simply keeping up with the growing volumes of commodities. The international commodity trade is becoming more and more dynamic and traders frequently need to make quick decisions that can have an enormous impact on their balance sheets.

This is why you need a bank you can trust - a financial partner that is an expert in this specialised area. When it comes to agribusiness, metals and energy, Rabobank Trade and Commodity Finance is a leader in the field. We have offices worldwide and build close and enduring personal relationships with our clients in every stage of the commodity value chain. Clients trust us because we have experts spanning the globe, specialists in both trade and in commodities. Our financial experts offer a range of products to meet your needs at every stage of the trade flow. We offer specialised financing, adapted to the global trade in real products.

Trade Finance facilitates its (exporting) clients’ trade transactions involving bank and/or country risks, largely consisting of confirmation and discounting of export Letters of Credit. Through our Structured Inventory Products, we provide ownership-based financing solutions, as an alternative to regular financing, to the bank’s clients and provide you with liquidity and/or a stock management tool.

Trade and Commodity Finance serves Rabobank’s largest international clients. Clients that trade tangible products. We facilitate the trade flow that is an essential part of the global value chain; a trade flow of vital resources necessary to support prosperity in a changing world. We know our clients. We know the field. We know banking. Rabobank’s Trade and Commodity Finance is an essential part of the value chain, as shown by the numerous awards we win (including Best Commodity Finance Bank, Best Global Soft Commodity Bank) for years in succession.


Jasper van Schaik
Global Head Trade and Commodity Finance