Rabobank Transaction Banking provides you with a full range of sophisticated tools designed to help you optimise your risk and liquidity positions. These services include trade solutions, cash and liquidity management products and services to provide you with (online) real-time insight into your financial position and risk exposure. Combined with advisory services from our teams of experienced and expert consultants, and together with our Corporate Lending product colleagues we provide full service solutions. All of these solutions are designed to enable you to focus on your core business.

Cash management

Rabobank can provide you with all the payments and receivables tools you need, together with a range of domestic and cross-border cash pooling solutions. Our expert consultants can help to optimise your working capital management and enhance your liquidity management, reducing the amount of capital tied up in your cash conversion cycle and improving your interest results. Furthermore, thanks to our solid credit rating we provide a safe haven for your cash balances.

Domestic and international

We provide a full range of domestic cash tools, tailor-made to meet your specific corporate needs. We help you to design and implement solutions that optimise your cash and liquidity management. We also offer cash management services tailored to international businesses, providing you with the transparency and infrastructure you need and together we create optimal solutions across your international markets.

Trade Solutions

Rabobank’s trade solutions help you to improve the management of your international supply chains with a full range of integrated cross-border trade management solutions, giving you access to Rabobank’s balance sheet strength to reduce your trade risks. We help you to improve the management of your international supply chains using an integrated range of trade solutions, backed by our highly versatile technology platform Rabo eTrade giving you full transparency. Our trade solutions products include:

  • Letters of credit – providing assurance on payments from your buyers.
  • Documentary collections – Safe transactions for exporter and importer.
  • Bank guarantees – additional level of assurance for your clients


Simon Ampts
Head Transaction Banking Large Corporates & Financial Institutions


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