Statutory and regulatory provisions require auditors to state a number of matters in clients’ financial statements that in addition to the customer are often only known to the bank. The NBA (Koninklijke Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie van Accountants) have together with the NVB (Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken) agreed on a standardised form, called Standard Bank Confirmation (SBC).

Application process for Rabobank Wholesale, Rural & Retail

The authorised representative of the client can request the bank to provide his auditor with a Standard Bank Confirmation. A separate request needs to be submitted for each legal entity, that has a relationship with the bank.

Application process for Wholesale clients

Visit Rabo Corporate Connect to apply for a Standard Bank Confirmation. Log in to the site and browse via “menu” and “Self Service” to the application form. 

After submitting the request for a Standard Bank Confirmation via Rabo Corporate Connect you can follow the status of your request. Once the requested documents have been processed you receive a notification and you are able to download the requested Standard Bank Confirmation from the portal. Your accountant, if you provided us with his details, will also receive an email with the requested Standard Bank Confirmations attached. The portal will keep track of the full history of your applications. 

Wholesale clients who do not have access yet to Rabo Corporate Connect can reach out to their contact person within the bank to obtain access to Rabo Corporate Connect or they can use the application form to apply for the Standard Bank Confirmation via email. You find the application form for the Standard Bank Confirmation in the box ‘related information’. Only applications completed in full can be processed. 

Please send the application form to:

The information must be provided in full and truthfully by the persons authorised in your organisation.

Application process member bank clients

The process for member bank clients has not changed, you still have to contact your local bank to apply for a Standard Bank Confirmation.

Processing time

We will do our utmost best to process your application within 15 working days (after payment or direct debit authorisation).


The following fees are payable for the application for a Standard Bank Confirmation. When the entity is established and physically located in the Netherlands*:

  • 1 to 5 entities : EUR 121.00 (100.00 + 21% VAT)
  • 6 to 10 entities : EUR 242.00 (200.00 + 21% VAT)
  • 11 to 15 entities : EUR 363.00 (300.00 + 21% VAT) Etc.

*All other entities are exempted from Dutch 21% VAT.

Payment of fees

If you hold a EURO account at Rabobank Wholesale, Rural & Retail, the amount payable will automatically be debited from your account. If you do not hold an account at Rabobank Wholesale, Rural & Retail, please remit the amount payable in EURO’s to IBAN Number NL49 RABO 0100 9116 68, stating:

  • SBC – date (period to which application applies) – name of business. 

Your application will lapse if the amount payable is not received within 14 days.


Frank Sluijk
Transaction Officer