A new climate agreement for the Netherlands

A new climate agreement for the Netherlands was presented today, 10 July 2018. The agreement contains clear steps towards reducing CO2 emissions. In this interview, Rabobank Sustainability Director Bas Rüter explains this important step forward.

To ensure accountability for the results of the agreement, the measures have been divided over five sectors: electricity, the built environment, industry, agriculture and land use, and transport. Each sector has its own dedicated roundtable, made up of stakeholders with knowledge of the sector who can make a real contribution to the transition and have a mandate to make agreements.

Rabobank has been part of the roundtables for the built environment, and agriculture and land use for three years. In this way, it has played an active part in deciding how the Netherlands would meet the Paris Climate Agreement goals, alongside its customers, the government and other stake holders. The Dutch climate agreement aims to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 49% by 2030. This gives Rabobank clear goals when working with our clients to reduce their emissions.