Food waste is smart business

Every year, 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted or lost worldwide. That is more than a third of total food production and amounts to 300 to 400 kilos of discarded food per household per year.

Online Magazine: Food waste is smart business

A leading food & agri bank, Rabobank aims to contribute to real change with its 'Growing a better world together' mission. Alongside its partners, it is fighting for sufficient sustainably produced food for the world’s growing population. Because if one thing has become clear in the prevention of food waste/ loss, it is that nobody can do it alone.

A good example is the Verspillingsfabriek (Waste Factory) in Veghel, the Netherlands. A few years ago, we met Bob Hutten, owner of a catering firm of the same name, who was setting up a company to make products from ingredients that would otherwise have ended up in the garbage. That became the Waste Factory. Since then, it has grown into an inspiring place where many parties put their heads together every day to forge innovative plans that reduce food waste/ loss.

Rabobank has also decided to have a presence at the premises in Veghel. Not with an office, but with a hub, a kind of lab where we connect, innovate and accelerate ideas, concepts and best practices. The result is the Rabo VerspillingsHub (the Rabo Food Waste Hub ), which officially opened in March. Here, colleagues, companies, organizations and experts meet at the invitation of Rabobank to work on eliminating food waste worldwide. Various activities are also organized for consumers, such as 'food for thought' dinners and cooking workshops using rescued vegetables.

The Rabo Food Waste Hub is, of course, only one of the initiatives being developed in the fight against waste. Many other great examples are highlighted in this online magazine, while experts from both inside and outside the bank share their vision on the theme of 'waste'. So, don’t let this reading material go to waste...

I hope you enjoy reading this magazine and that it inspires you to take up the food/waste loss challenge!