Future-proofing financial health

Rabobank helps households achieve self-sufficiency

Half of Dutch people feels financially insecure, Rabobank has found. That is why we are launching a campaign in the Netherlands to create awareness around the importance of financial self-sufficiency.

Nibud (the Dutch National Institute for Family Finance Information) interviewed 2,084 people in the Netherlands aged between 25 and 65 on behalf of the bank. It found that 48% of the respondents worry about their financial future, while only two in five people are setting money aside to cover future expenses. Rabobank is using the data to launch a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the issue and help people achieve lifelong financial self-sufficiency.

Farewell, welfare state

The issue needs to be seen in the context of multiple changes to the current welfare state in the Netherlands. These changes will have radical consequences, particularly in areas such as higher education, housing, retirement, the workplace, and healthcare.

“Less than half of respondents felt responsible for their pension”

- Professor Barbara Baarsma, Managing Director for Knowledge Development at Rabobank

Professor Barbara Baarsma, Managing Director for Knowledge Development at Rabobank: “It worries me that less than half the respondents felt responsible for their financial situation after retirement, while the Dutch government expects more financial self-sufficiency from its citizens.”

Side by side with our clients

“We are raising awareness of this issue because it affects many of our clients,” says Mariëlle Lichtenberg of Rabobank’s Board of Directors. “Over the next five years, we will encourage Dutch households to estimate their personal future financial needs. We will then actively help them to take initial steps together with the bank towards achieving personal financial health. We really can make a difference together.”

“We want to help people achieve financial health”

- Mariëlle Lichtenberg, member of Rabobank’s Board of Directors

More awareness and insights

In addition to a national media campaign, Rabobank is releasing a series of educational documentaries on the topic and organizing pop-up virtual-reality experiences in public places. These generate traffic to a Dutch online platform with tools to help people gain insights into their future financial needs.

For Rabobank this is more than just another campaign. It is the kick-start of a new client philosophy that aims to align every customer touchpoint with the ambition of helping them towards a financially healthy future. Following Kickstart Food in 2017, it is the second major theme of our ‘Growing a better world together’ mission.