Video: Consumer behavior drives packaging innovation

Nick Fereday, Rabobank’s Executive Director, Food & Consumer Trends, speaks to Susan Hansen, Global Strategist F&A Supply Chains at the bank, about global consumer trends and how these are driving innovations in packaging.

Nick Fereday and Susan Hansen discuss the future of packaging. How is the sector affected by demographic trends, the desire to cut food waste and the drive reduce the use of plastic?

Some quotes from the video:

“The first thing that surprised me was how common the trends are between Europe and the US.”

“No-one has time to pour milk anymore.”

“Because of demographics and convenience, we need much more packaging.”

“Producers are making packaging more interesting”

- Susan Hansen, Rabobank

“Producers are making packaging more interesting with augmented reality and digital communication.”

“We are all more and more aware of food waste.”

“Keeping a customer shopping on all channels is six times more valuable that in they shop through just one channel.”

“People are returning to the freezer isles.”

Curious? Watch the video now (24 minutes).