Interested in agroforestry projects?

Agroforestry is the intentional combination of agriculture with forestry. I.e. planting trees and bushes on farmland and pastureland. This traditional farming principle offers farmers significant ecological and economic benefits such as improved soil fertility, protection of crops from wind damage, increased yields and carbon sequestration.

For smallholder farmers the transition to agroforestry:

  • increases and diversifies the yield and income of the farmers;
  • improves soil health;
  • increases climate and weather resilience and;
  • results in a more diversified and healthier nutrition.

For off takers agroforestry can result in:

  • more resilient supply of food and agri commodities;
  • higher quality food and agricultural products;
  • a stronger relationship with farmers living up to corporate sustainability activities;

We can also explore how off takers can reduce the carbon footprint (scope 3) within their own value chain with farmer (insetting) jointly.


Interested in submitting a project (idea)? Contact us:


  • You are a farmer, intermediary/cooperative/trader
  • The agroforestry project has not yet started or started within the last 5 years
  • Farmers have not yet monetized their carbon credits
  • Field coordinates / polygons coordinates are or can be recorded
  • Farmers/plots have less than 5 hectares
  • Land has not been deforested in the previous 5 years