Meet 5 food and agtech start-ups hoping to make it in NYC

Big lights, big city for the latest FoodBytes! contenders

As the timer ticks down to FoodBytes! New York City, five savvy start-ups share 60-second preview videos, giving us a first look at the food and agriculture ideas they’ll be pitching this month in the Big Apple.

When Rabobank’s FoodBytes! takes Manhattan on October 18, the pitch competition and networking event will host twenty hungry start-ups innovating in food and agriculture technology. Primary among them will be big upcycling thinkers tackling waste and other challenges facing the future of food, farming and packaging.

In New York City, industry leaders and investors will get a taste for some of the latest food waste concepts, including crispy seafood jerky, dynamic supermarket pricing systems and digital tools for chefs to cut restaurant waste in half. But before these young companies step into the FoodBytes! spotlight, we’ve got a first look at some of their food and agtech innovations.

Start-up pitch previews

Meet some of the cutting-edge food and agriculture companies who will be taking the Food Bytes! stage this month. Five teams shared first impressions of the products and concepts they’ll be pitching in New York. Watch the full playlist or scroll further for individual sneak peeks.

OneForNeptune – Meet Nick Mendoza, CEO of OneForNeptune, a start-up that makes sustainable seafood jerky from undervalued and underutilized white fish that is traceable to clean, small-scale US West Coast fisheries.

Pheronym – Meet Pheronym Co-founder and COO Karl Cameron Schiller. Pheronym is an agricultural biotechnology company that uses pheromones from nematodes (microscopic worms) to provide safe and eco-friendly pest control for farmers.

Wasteless – Meet Wasteless Founder Oded Omer. Wasteless uses a dynamic pricing system that allows supermarkets to price and sell products based on expiration dates, thus reducing food waste and optimizing shelf management.

Winnow – Meet Winnow, the developer of digital tools to help chefs run more profitable, sustainable kitchens by cutting food waste in half.

Dexai Robotics – Meet Alfred developed by Dexai. “Alfred” automates food assembly by using utensils to scoop and pick ingredients, exceeding human capabilities in speed and precision. Dexai Robotics is automating activities in commercial kitchens and the food industry using flexible robot arms.

Find the complete list of start-ups, judges and mentors headed to New York City and get tickets on the FoodBytes! website.