Our impact on society in facts and figures

Rabobank publishes integrated Annual Report 2017

How does Rabobank puts its mission of ‘Growing a better world together’ into practice, and contribute to welfare and prosperity in the Netherlands? Find the answers to these questions in the integrated Annual Report 2017 which is published today.

The integrated Annual Report gives an extensive account of the bank’s performance in social and financial terms. It illustrates how Rabobank plays a meaningful role for individuals, society and the environment and the progress made in 2017 . Rabobank published its Annual Results 2017 on 15 February.

Growing a better world together

Rabobank is committed to making a substantial contribution to welfare and prosperity in the Netherlands and to resolving the food issue worldwide. Since 2017 Rabobank has furthered these ambitions with a new expression of its mission: ‘Growing a better world together’. The bank has already launched several practical and successful initiatives in the Netherlands and the rest of the world, resulting in more satisfied clients, ground-breaking innovations and improved financial results.

The impact on society is illustrated in a compact infographic.

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