Partnership for Forest Protection and Sustainable Agriculture

Accelerating forest protection, reforestation and sustainable agriculture

The Partnership for Forest Protection and Sustainable Agriculture (FPSA) brings together companies involved in the production, processing, trade or sale of agricultural products and commodities, such as palm oil, rice, cocoa and soy/beef. All partners share a belief in the need for change, including the critical role of the financial sector in the transition to sustainable land use practices at scale, which means balancing enhanced agricultural output with forest protection, reforestation as well as improving rural livelihoods.

The partnership accelerates forest conservation, reforestation and sustainable agriculture at a large scale. We aim to increase financing these projects through senior debt and availability of appropriate de-risking facilities. In partnership, we can make this change and build an enabling environment: from sharing knowledge on agri-finance, engaging with clients to structuring new financing deals with the involvement of governments, multilateral organisations, NGOs and other impact investors. Together we build a partnership that provides tangible contributions towards a more sustainable food system.

Our vision

The partnership aims to halt climate change and an increasing agricultural footprint, while ensuring growth in agricultural production to feed an estimated 9 billion people in 2050. These are among the most defining challenges of the 21st century.

Jointly, the partners promote existing and new best practices to decrease agriculture’s footprint and restore the quality of existing land used for agriculture. Generally accepted guidelines will be developed in order to measure progress.

The partnership:

  • Actively prevents deforestation and promotes reforestation.
  • Works towards a deforestation-free supply chain.
  • Contributes to efficient and sustainable agricultural production while enhancing soil fertility and carbon sequestration.
  • Creates inclusive growth through lasting positive impact on the livelihood of land owners, including smallholders.
  • Contributes to achieving the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals.

"We want to jointly stimulate existing and innovative best practices to stabilize agriculture’s footprint, protect forests and restore land use for agriculture and forestry."

Our objectives

Eligible projects should focus on at least one of the first two objectives and contribute to the third:

  1. Forest protection and reforestation

    Acceleration of sustainable management of forests and legal reforestation obligations, transition to agroforestry, as well as protection of high conservation/high carbon stock forests that enhances soil fertility, carbon sequestration, water management and biodiversity.

  2. Sustainable land use

    Implementing innovative agricultural solutions such as ICLF to have an impact on lowering greenhouse gas emissions, restoring degraded land, enhancing water management, improving soil fertility, sequestering carbon, building climate change resilience and/or protecting biodiversity while maintaining or substantially increasing yields for local farmers.

  3. Improved rural livelihood

    Improving the living standards of land owners, which may include smallholders, in order to reach sustainable inclusive growth, with particular attention paid to gender equality, eradicating child labour, promoting fair labour and wages, and alleviating poverty.

"It is our ambition to have the fund ready by the end of the year and start with the first projects in Brazil and Indonesia"

Structure of farmer support

Rabobank will promote the partnership goals among its clients and business partners and provide credit using its own balance sheet. Impact investors can contribute to a Fund for Forest Protection and Sustainable Agriculture that is accessible to projects that commit to the goals and responsibilities laid out in the partnership. The fund will provide three buckets of financial support:

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Initiating partners

The Partnership for Forest Protection and Sustainable Agriculture was initiated by UN Environment and Rabobank on World Food Day (16 October 2017) and subsequently presented at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development Mexico City Summit.


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