Podcast: China builds a wall against paper

Rabobank packaging experts Natasha Valeeva and Susan Hansen discuss China’s ban on waste paper imports. The US and Europe lose a major customer for waste paper, while Chinese firms are clamoring for raw materials to make packaging.

Listen to the podcast now (in English).

China, the world’s biggest importer of paper and plastic for recycling, has put an end to the inflows. How will the ban affect North America and the UK, the main exporters of recycled waste? And how will China meet growing local demand for raw materials to produce packaging now that imports are no longer available?

A new report by RaboResearch, China’s Changing Paper Trail, examines the likely impact of the ban on waste paper and the packaging industry. In the podcast, two of the report’s authors, Susan Hansen, Global Strategist F&A Supply Chains, and Natasha Valeeva, Analyst Supply Chain & Agribusiness, highlight the main points.

Natasha Valeeva:“China has been highly dependent on these materials.”

Susan Hansen: “In 2017 China imported 28 million tons of recycled paper…the equivalent of 40 billion brown boxes or 476 million trees.”

Valeeva: “To compensate, the Chinese government is investing huge amounts in recycling, for example USD 40 billion this year alone.”

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