Podcast: Towards 12 billion people

Every week, Harm Edens of BNR radio interviews internal and external experts on why a bank is aiming to build a better world. Here he speaks to Berry Marttin, Rabobank board member – and farmer – on how the bank’s ‘Banking for Food’ mission takes it well beyond the Netherland’s borders.

Listen to the podcast now (in English).

Berry Marttin is a member of Rabobank’s Executive Board and a cattle rancher in Brazil. In 2010 he coined the term, ‘Banking for Food’ to clarify the bank’s purpose and internationalization strategy. As a farmer himself, he is proud that there are experts at all of the bank’s branches who can offer clients in-depth knowledge of agrifood.

Some quotes from the conversation:

“Food is a strange commodity. We don’t think about it, but we need it three times a day. And it’s global. If there is a bad soy bean harvest in Brazil, it affects the whole world.”

“The number of hectares of farmland per global inhabitant is dropping. In the 1960s we had 1.4 hectare per inhabitant. Today it’s 0.7 – and it is going down.”

“The world’s population is expected to peak in 2100 at around 12 billion; within my children’s generation.”

“Increased food production is not related to the climate or soil quality. It’s related to enabling factors like access to technology, seeds, education – and, very importantly, credit.”

“Data and innovation are key to feeding 12 billion people. We should know exactly what the demand is.”

Curious? Listen to the full podcast now. Rabobank’s ‘Banking for Food’ podcasts are available via various apps for iPhone and Android, SoundCloud and Stitcher.