Rabobank presents annual results 2018

In 2018 Rabobank posted a net profit of EUR 3,004 million, 12% more than in 2017. This result was partly underpinned by lower operating expenses and favorable economic conditions, which contributed to a net release in impairment charges.

Chairman of the Managing Board Wiebe Draijer:

“2018 was a good year. We have a healthy foundation for the cooperative bank of the future. We’ll need it too, to weather all the challenging transitions affecting society. The global food problem, the challenges of the Paris climate agreement and the agricultural and energy transition in the Netherlands also require a healthy and committed, cooperative bank.”

“Our mission, “Growing a better world together,” gives us direction and guidance. Our employees are inspired and motivated. Thanks to their efforts, we are largely on schedule in achieving most of our targets. We can be of greater significance for (international) society now that our financial results have improved, our capital position has been strengthened and the balance sheet has been further optimized. The fact that Sustainalytics has placed Rabobank at the top of its global sustainability rankings for major banks signifies huge recognition for our efforts in this area and speaks volumes about how we’re putting into practice the ambitions set out in our Sustainability strategy.”

For more information on the annual results 2018 please read the press release.

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