Rabobank presents interim results 2019

In a challenging environment, Rabobank has made progress on achieving most of its strategic objectives in the first six months of the year. Net profit for the first half-year was EUR 1.2 billion.

From the Chairman of the Managing Board, Wiebe Draijer

‘In the first six months of 2019 Rabobank posted a net profit of EUR 1.2 billion. During the first half-year international developments continued to threaten stability and growth prospects worldwide. Take for example the escalating trade war between the United States and China, the growing likelihood of a hard Brexit and the persistent low interest rate environment. Given this continuing uncertainty, it is with satisfaction that we can look back and observe the important strides we have taken toward achieving our strategy and our mission as a cooperative bank. None of this would have been possible without the efforts and dedication of our employees, all of whom deserve our express thanks.’


Looking ahead at the next half-year, Wiebe Draijer adds: ‘In line with our strategy, our efforts are focused on further expanding our cooperative services and strengthening connections with our members. We want to make an important contribution to improving the living environment of our customers and members, fully aligned with our cooperative nature. We are going the extra mile in the energy transition by offering our private customers more options when it comes to making their homes more sustainable. We are stepping up our efforts globally to improve sustainability in the agriculture sector and throughout the food chain. With 1,600 customer due diligence (CDD) specialists worldwide, we have prioritized our social role as a gatekeeper to the financial system. In our view, customer integrity forms a basis of good customer service. CDD enables us to protect customers and society from the risks posed by money laundering, fraud and terrorist financing. We are investing in increasingly advanced technology and are poised to continue collaborating with sector and government parties to fight increasingly complex forms of fraud and financial crime.

We are well on track to give further shape and purpose to our mission of ‘Growing a Better World Together’.’

For more information on the interim results 2019 please read the press release.

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