Stimulating innovation in the food business

Rabobank’s Banking for Food Inspiration Centre manages and stimulates knowledge, networks and innovation to help feed the world.

The race to feed the world sustainably by 2050 involves many players and programmes. Rabobank brings together knowledge, networks and innovation initiatives in its Banking for Food (B4F) Inspiration Centre.
“We are facing a rapidly changing world, with a growing population putting ever-greater pressure on food delivery, the F&A chain and, of course, the environment,” says Global Head of the B4F Inspiration Centre Jacqueline Pieters. “The B4F Inspiration Centre will enable us to offer relevant F&A knowledge and continue building our F&A networks and communities.”

Strong ideas

The Centre brings together and manages knowledge from inside and outside Rabobank: via F&A research, the innovation agenda around start-ups, and farming network initiatives. And through partnerships with banks in Africa and Latin America and its relationships with NGOs, organisations like the World Bank, United Nations and governments around the world.
Rabobank’s aim is to increase its impact on clients to feed the world sustainably and to drive innovation. “We have set ourselves some really ambitious targets, but I am confident that together with other parts of the bank we can achieve them,” says Jacqueline Pieters. "We're looking for strong ideas that can help support sustainable F&A. Some great examples are FoodBytes!, Terra and Global Farmers.”


FoodBytes! brings start- and scale-up companies that are innovating in the food and agricultural sector together with potential investors, clients and venture capitalists, giving them an opportunity to accelerate innovation. FoodBytes! is now going global, enabling Rabobank to build a global innovation platform.

“We're looking for strong ideas that can help support sustainable F&A”

- Jacqueline Pieters, Global Head Banking for Food Inspiration Center


Another success story is Terra, the F&A tech accelerator that Rabobank is jointly developing with incubator RocketSpace. Terra brings together the industry's most disruptive start-ups and progressive corporations to work together on pilots to fuel cross-industry innovation. It brings together the network and expertise of the corporates with the innovation powers of the start-ups. It began in North America, and is now expanding to Europe.

Global Farmers

The Global Farmers website is an exclusive community where Rabobank farmers and experts share knowledge. It's an interactive forum, hosted on a Rabobank portal, where farmers can receive F&A news and research, share issues and chat with one another, post jobs, or seek advice.

Rabobank Moonshots

“Finally there are our own Rabobank Moonshots” adds Jacqueline Pieters. “This programme invites colleagues to come up with bright ideas to overcome issues faced by F&A clients, and turn those ideas into business opportunities. Together all these innovations are really making an impact.”