Take-outs from the Dutch Agri Food Week

Thousands of visitors attended the Dutch Agri Food Week from 9-19 October 2017. Across the Netherlands consumers were edutained with kids cooking lessons, a FilmFoodFestival and other awareness-raising events. Established companies and start-ups joined forces to fight food waste and improve nutrition, and put a career in the food industry on the menu.

Top take-outs by Ruud Huirne, Director Food&Agri Rabobank

  • The Dutch population consumes 50% too much salt and up to 400% too much sugar;
  • Changing someone’s diet improves health and brings massive cost savings by getting people off certain medicines;
  • The industry should create more awareness and availability of fresh fruit and vegetables, as snacks for instance;
  • Technology will help us personalise nutrition: research shows that this can radically improve our eating habits and health.

Holland’s got vegetables

Dutch Agri Food visitors also discovered Yacon, a root vegetable from the Andes. Not only is it tasty and nutritious but is has the ability to regulate blood sugar levels. It’s now putting down roots in Dutch soil. Parsnips and sweet potatoes are staple groceries in many parts of the world but not widely grown in the Netherlands. One crop they do grow is beans: a local source of protein which could replace soy, bringing gains in transport and efficiency.

Kickstart Food Program

The Dutch Agri Food Week was one of many events which Rabobank sponsored during the World Food Week. In the same week we launched our Global KickstartFood Program, in partnership with UN Environment. Showing our commitment to sustainable food production with our partners around the world.