The Alexa of agriculture

Growing Ideas: A voice-command app for farmers

The increased demand for data in the agricultural sector poses a practical problem for farmers. Gathering the data is time consuming and tricky, especially when they are busy looking after their crops or livestock. AgVoice has a solution.

AgVoice, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia, has developed voice-activated technology that enables agriculture professionals to capture crucial data around the farm. Agvoice's software registers the information and stores it without the need to resort to a computer or pen and paper. That way, the farmer always has his hands free to do his work. The tool really comes into its own during the inspection of livestock, crops and machinery.

The AgVoice team

“The procedures people currently use for recording data are cumbersome,” says Agvoice CEO Bruce Rasa. “And as demand for more and better information increases, those systems are going to be under even more pressure. Our solutions will go a long way to alleviating that pressure, and give time-pushed customers the tools to do their job more accurately and efficiently.”

Useful data for farmers and their customers

The tool allows farmers and their customers to gain valuable insights so they can make better use of resources and working methods. The technology also helps with compliance and traceability, allowing users to more accurately record information on which fertilizers have been used on a crop or which medications have been administered to livestock.

Recording crop data with AgVoice

Following a successful pitch at a FoodBytes! event in New York City in 2017, AgVoice secured funding worth US$250,000 (€211,150). This has allowed it to further refine its technology, hire more developers and better understand its potential customer base. AgVoice is now in a position to deliver commercial products to its first three customers in spring 2018: Driscoll's, HM Clause and Dairy Farmers of America.

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