Video preview: Meet six FoodBytes! London start-ups

Start-ups share sneak-peek pitches

There’s a first for everything: First day of school. First time on stage. First pitch competition and first video. Could the Steve Jobs of food and agri start-ups be pitching in London next month? You saw it here first.

This September, FoodBytes! is crossing the ocean to make its London debut. The pitch competition and networking event will connect twenty start-ups innovating in food and agriculture technology with global industry leaders and investors.

To be first, you have to grab chances and make extra efforts, even when you don’t have time. Amidst their busy preparations for FoodBytes!, a number of the competitive start-ups have sent in 60-second videos to share their concepts and give us a first look at what they’ll be pitching next month in London.

Start-up company video previews

Meet some of the food and agriculture companies who will be taking the stage at FoodBytes! London on September 13. In this video playlist they give us a sneak peek at their products and innovations.

Creative Nature – The creator of a wide range of invigorating raw superfoods and ‘free-from’ snacks, based on healthy ingredients with functional benefits. Watch Creative Nature’s pitch video here.

SafetyNet Technologies – Works with fishing industry stakeholders to design and build light-emitting devices that increase the selectivity of commercial fishing practices, reducing over-fishing and bycatch and making the industry more sustainable. Watch SafetyNet Technologies’ pitch video here.

Garcon Wines – Flat wine bottles made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled PET and modelled on the traditional shapes. The improved design makes them remarkably more efficient & eco-friendly for delivery, logistics, storage and retailing. Watch Garçon Wines’ pitch video here.

SwissDeCode – Its DNAFoil line is the world’s first portable, completely self-administered, on-site DNA detection kit, allowing staff to confirm product integrity in 30 minutes without lab delays. Watch SwissDeCode’s pitch video here.

TIPA – Fully compostable flexible packaging solutions that will fully return back to nature in compost conditions within 180 days. Watch TIPA’s pitch video here.

Mimica – Creating accessible, affordable freshness indicators for all types of perishable products, from food to pharmaceuticals, Mimica aims to become the globally recognised mark of freshness for industry, consumers and communities. Watch Mimica’s pitch video here.

Find the full list of companies pitching in London and get tickets on the FoodBytes! website.