Farmers from abroad visit Dutch dairies for know-how

Dutch dairy cows are the sturdiest and highest-yielding cows in the world. This is not only due to their breed, but also because Dutch dairy farmers are highly knowledgeable about their cows. This knowledge is of great value to farming colleagues abroad. All dairy producers face the same challenges - keeping their cattle healthy and ensuring they produce the right amount of milk. This applies as much to a farm with five cows as it does to one with a hundred, and to a farm in the Netherlands or in Africa. Every day dairy farmers around the world work hard to increase their business revenue, which is easier if farmers know how to improve their business operations. This is why the Rabobank Foundation and eleven local Rabobank branches invited twelve ‘smallholders’ (farmers with 1-5 dairy cows) from Kenya, Indonesia, Tanzania and the Netherlands to the Dairy Inspiration Week. During the week they toured the country, visiting several Dutch dairy farms for a look behind the scenes. And the farmers learned more about bovine behaviour in a ‘cow signal’ training. Watch their experiences in this film.