Loan helps flower delivery service blossom across Europe

€7.5 million for scale-up bloomon

Rabobank announces a €7.5 million loan for online flower delivery service bloomon. The financing enables the subscription bouquet provider to accelerate growth of its service in Europe.

Bloomon plans to continue investment in its digital platform in the upcoming quarter. The goal? To optimize collaboration with its network of 450 growers and to continue delivering the industry’s most unique and fresh flowers.

A sign of confidence

The Rabobank loan will enable bloomon to grow its services within Europe. Koen Thijssen, Co-founder and CFO, notes: “We see this financing as a sign of confidence in what our team has built over the last four years. It is unique for a scale-up to receive this type of offer, and we are quite proud of that.”

Unlike the traditional flower supply chain, bloomon collaborates directly with growers on bouquets and flower purchases up to a year in advance. The company intends to use this financing to perfect its in-house digital platform, which creates a direct line with growers.

Growth financing

Rabobank (Corporate Investments) focuses specifically on growth financing, including scale-ups such as bloomon. Rogier Raaijmakers, representing the bank’s growth financing arm, Direct Investments, shares: “We are impressed by the innovative power, professionalism and growth that bloomon has shown in recent years. The ambition of this scale-up fits in perfectly with Rabobank's mission to help entrepreneurs grow in a sustainable way. We support, among others, fast-growing companies in the food and agriculture sectors with a focus on internationalization. The power and potential of bloomon is promising in this area.”

“Bloomon’s ambition fits perfectly with our mission to help entrepreneurs grow in a sustainable way”

- Rogier Raaijmakers, Rabobank

Shorter chain, fresher flowers

Using a subscription model, bloomon delivers fresh flowers direct from local growers to its customers. Their innovative approach – with a supply chain 80 percent shorter than that of traditional florists – ensures exceptionally fresh, long-lasting flowers with outstanding quality. As a leading player in its industry, bloomon currently operates in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, the UK and France. In late 2016, bloomon raised €21 million during its Series B funding. The company was founded in Amsterdam in November 2014 by Patrick Hurenkamp, Bart Troost and Koen Thijssen.