British vote in favour of Brexit

On 23 June 2016, the British voted against EU membership. A departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union can have far-reaching consequences for the UK and the EU. The actual impact will in the end depend on factors such as future agreements on trade between the UK and the EU.

European integration has been a major engine of economic growth in Europe. As a major trading nation the Netherlands has enjoyed significant benefits from this. Rabobank hopes that Brexit will not open the door to further disintegration in Europe and that the British departure will stimulate the EU to improve cooperation and demonstrate the benefits of cooperation to EU citizens.

The United Kingdom is an important trading partner for the Netherlands and for the Dutch economy. Rabobank hopes that the process for UK departure from the EU will be well organised and harmonious and that strong trade links between the EU and the UK will continue. That is in the interest of the Netherlands and of the customers of Rabobank.

Barbara Baarsma, director of Knowledge Development Rabobank, reflects on the consequences of the United Kingdom leaving the EU.

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