Sharing knowledge with the high potentials from all over the world

Rabo Development (RD) is holding a twelve-week programme for talents from their partner banks around the world. In this programme, the selected talents from partner banks will broaden their scope on banking and learn more about the Rabobank’s culture and cooperative structure.

The programme offers them a unique opportunity to extend their career path by gaining a unique professional international banking experience. To maximize the learning experience of the candidates the programme is divided in 3 stages: introduction phase; learning & development phase (banking scope); and tailor made phase (will be filled in by the candidates themselves based on their specific needs).

"We are delighted to offer the ten partner bank talented professionals from Africa, Asia and South America a unique learning experience of 12 weeks at Rabobank in the Netherlands," says Frank Nagel, RD’s Director Advisory Services. "Their focus will be on working and learning at different departments within Rabobank. Working together with Rabobank colleagues stimulates the exchange of knowledge between all parties. It will offer these talents a view on what the future of their bank could look like whilst Rabo colleagues will gain a fresh look at their own areas."

The participating Rabobank Netherlands and International departments include Payments and Savings, Group Risk Management, Audit Rabobank Group, Group ICT, RI Professional Products, Trade & Commodity Finance, Retail Banking, Client Relationship Management, International Direct Banking, Credit Risk Management, HR Management Development and the local banks; Rabobank Rotterdam and Rabobank Oost-Betuwe. The programme covers all the learning objectives that have been submitted in advance by the candidates.

"I would like to increase my knowledge of Rabobank’s structure, policies and procedures, especially regarding the sustainability of the food and agribusiness industry," says Rubén Rodrigo Aguilera Figueredo, Corporate Officer of the Cattle Sector Banco Regional Paraguay. "I also want to learn about the technology used by Rabobank’s F&A clients, particularly in the dairy, cattle and pork sub-sectors, given its intensive technology that enables operational efficiency and improve sustainability. I also believe this will add to my personal growth, focusing more on leadership skills and expanding knowledge by enhancing interpersonal relationships with colleagues and clients."

Ms Han Congqi, who works as a Product manager at the Corporate Business department of Hangzhou at URCB China, adds: "I hope to expand my horizon, to gain the advanced knowledge and idea from this international first-class bank (Rabobank), and to enhance my professional skills in understanding certain concepts, especially in risk management , and particularly how to combine this with product research and development."

Rabo Development strives to a mutual learning experience for both the international talents and our Rabobank Colleagues. The talents will have gained a broader view on banking in 12 weeks. They will return to their banks to make a real difference with their gained experiences and broad network of Rabobank specialists.

You can follow the development of the programme via the news item on our intranet site:

Or contact our HR officer, Karin Hendriksen-Nijenhof, for more information.