Rabo & Art

Art provides a glimpse into the world and time in which we live. That is why Rabobank gives contemporary artists a platform in its art collection. The bank believes that art can be a source of knowledge for innovation and development, and, above all, a source of inspiration for customers, members, and employees. Since the middle of the 1980s, Rabobank has been building a contemporary art collection in which national and international artists are represented. In collaboration with the artists, we select key works that are landmarks in their oeuvre and that tell the stories of the artists. This way, these works reflect the development of modern Dutch art since 1950.


The story

When we look at our art collection, we recognize three strong storylines, first of all, that of the perception of Man, or perhaps we should say the condition of humanity. We also collect many works that show an involvement in the times we live in. In addition, many conceptual works can also be found in the collection. Works in which not the artist's signature or style is the most important element, but merely the idea and form. More about the three storylines.

More about the three storylines

Rabo Art Lab

Rabo Art Lab is a free space within the bank, where we see art as knowledge, invite artists into residence, and explore social transitions together. By seeing art as a source for critical reflection and fundamental innovation, Rabo Art Lab connects the Rabo Art Collection with the everyday reality of the bank and its field of work.

This makes Rabo Art Lab, apart from a space for imagination, sometimes a carrier of discomfort. Staying where friction is caused ( staying with the trouble) may be the biggest role of art.

Een foto van abstracte kunst

The art collection in Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen

Since 2021, the Rabo Art Collection has been on display in our compartment on the fifth floor of the Boijmans Van Beuningen Depot: Rabo@Depot! Here we share the Rabo Art Collection with a wide audience.



In addition to providing access to the collection, the space serves as a platform for performances, lectures, and discussions. This is how Rabobank, together with colleagues, members, and interested parties, wants to give shape to a new place where visual arts, science, and innovation come together. A place that provides real input for the big issues and changes of our time through substantive contributions. The art collection and the artists are the point of departure, as are writers, researchers, actors, philosophers, dancers, and the various Artists in Residence that we invite every year.

Our partners

Supporting art and culture is in line with a bank that is at the heart of society. This also requires a keen sense of the challenges of these times and the awareness that we also need the creative sector to tackle them. This is reflected in the diverse cultural partners that Rabobank supports.