Today, next to our Annual Report, we are also publishing our 2023 Impact Report. Through this report, we intend to give an impression of how we endeavour to make a positive impact on the world around us, how we aim to contribute to the food system transition and the energy transition as well as how we drive changes that contribute to more sustainable alternatives becoming affordable, available, and accessible.

Our Impact in 2023

Our mission Growing a better world together means that sustainability is an integral part of our business operations. As a cooperative bank, we believe in the power of collaboration to help improve communities. Although we strive every day to contribute to a more sustainable world, it is a fact that various activities in society emit greenhouse gases in one way or another.

We are committed to help our customers move towards a more sustainable future and accelerate the needed change. And we are convinced that together we can increase the positive impact of these activities. We also realise that the ultimate and actual impact of our initiatives obviously depends on many factors, such as economic changes, customer behaviours and changes in laws and regulations.

Every day, we learn from our customers and two million members, partners and other stakeholders. We are grateful for that, because we believe that only together can we achieve better and better solutions. That is what we stand for and will continue to work towards.

Annual Report

In our Annual Report, we present our 2023 annual figures, and provide insight into the progress we made in 2023 on our strategy.

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