How we make an impact

How we make an impact & return

More resilient & financially stable banks and innovation along the agricultural value chain: these are the solution to prosperous rural communities and sustainable food security.

Unlocking the potential of food systems

Providing food & agri companies and (smallholder) farmers with new products and services strengthens the business potential of the agricultural value chain, leading to increased investment of resources into the agricultural sector. By promoting, financing and assisting innovative new ventures and digital solutions, we work on increasing the quality, quantity and sustainability of food production. This way, we contribute to sustainable food security and rural development. Read our stories to find out more about our approach and the change we can make together.

Stronger and inclusive financial systems

Resilient and financially sustainable local banks mean that local, rural clients have better access to (innovative) financial services. We make our partners better by helping them build their knowledge, skills and equity. With our advisory services, technical assistance and equity investments, we help them grow and improve, so they can invest more and better in agricultural clients and projects. Through blended finance vehicles, we make investments in sustainable agricultural projects less risky, this way, they become more attractive for public or commercial investors. Want to find out more about how this works? Read our stories to learn more.

How we make an impact

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