Partnership with WWF

Rabobank is a partner of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) since 2011. The mission is to jointly work on projects with clients to achieve a nature-inclusive food system.

Our ambitions

Rabobank and WWF Netherlands’s aim is to use international projects that serve as models to show how a successful transition to a nature-positive food system is possible. It enables us to show that economic returns can go hand-in-hand with the conservation and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems.

Smiling farmers working in their fields

Our goals

According to Rabobank and WWF, a project is successful once it demonstrates that, as a result of the sustainability measures implemented in the projects:

    Producers are economically better off with improved agricultural practices. The impact on nature and ecosystems in landscapes is significantly reduced. Value chains have been demonstrably and systematically made sustainable. A scalable solution that can be replicated by Rabobank and WWF.

How did we get started?

The projects were jointly developed with clients, in regions where both partners are active and the greatest sustainability gains can be achieved for landscapes and value chains. WWF focuses globally on a specific number of areas where the greatest positive impact is needed.

Joint projects