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Aafke Keizer, Chief Sustainability Officer, on Rabobank’s sustainability ambitions

At Rabobank, we see the need and urgency to make a positive contribution to the climate, nature and people.

From here to greener

For instance, our net zero goal goes further than our own organization. It also applies to our customers’ emissions, which we want to help reduce. It’s a major task for the bank. We feel we need to help our customers on this sustainable journey ‘from here to greener’ and support them with our knowledge, network, products and services to be able to start and complete that journey. Our sustainability approach is about looking for solutions to all these challenges together.

Act on climate, value nature, enable people

What matters to our customers, matters to us. From homeowner to entrepreneur, from farmer to retailer, from SME to multinational. As a cooperative bank, we want to support people and businesses to thrive and look ahead for them to see if there are challenges on their horizon. That’s growing a better world together too.

And we know: our customers all face climate change and nature loss as massive global challenges that undermine the resilience of our planet and its ability to recover. It affects everyone, everywhere.

Reinventing toward better

This asks for change and reinventing the way we produce and consume, so we can build a resilient future that is ‘net zero and nature inclusive’. That’s what we as Rabobank are committed to, not only for our own organization but also for our customers and communities.

It is not easy, but we don’t shy away from that. Because we know we can also play a relevant role as a cooperative bank. Their bank.

We need to support our customers on their journey ‘from here to greener’ and support them with our knowledge, network, products, and services. From creating insights into emissions to solutions to reduce them. From financing more sustainable homes to better-earning models for more sustainable farming. From supporting renewable energy generation to zero deforestation in the food value chain.

That all is part of growing a better world together.